I’m a South Australian landscape photographer and social worker currently living in regional Victoria with my gorgeous dog Charlie. I have a Hungarian background and I still speak the language. In fact, my surname is the Hungarian word for “flower.

People are often surprised to learn that I have university qualifications in accounting, journalism, public health and social work and think it’s an unusual combination. But it works. Finance and communication is crucial in every industry and I’ve always known that health, personal development and social issues are my favourite things to write about. I’ve had a lifelong love of stories and after purchasing my first DSLR camera nearly 6 and a half years ago it became my daily companion that I rarely left the house without. I no longer know whether the camera or the pen is the mightiest storytelling tool, but what I do know for sure, is that it doesn’t matter. I love both.

I love exploring both rural and urban areas and nothing excites me more than capturing a thunderstorm and encouraging others to look for and appreciate the beauty in the world around them. I also enjoy nature, travel and street photography,  but I’m always inevitably drawn back to landscapes.

While I do love the convenience of digital DSLR and mirrorless cameras and use a combination of Canon and Fujifilm gear, I  occasionally still shoot a roll of film, which I plan to do a lot more of in 2018. I also suspect my newly acquired Russian vintage lens from the 1960s will get a fair bit of use this year.

Most of my images are available for sale as prints, so if you are looking for that unique birthday or Christmas present, please write to me via the Contact page.