Don’t Give Up Too Soon

Sometimes it seems easier to give up. To give up on that dream and walk away empty handed after pouring your heart and soul into it. Walking away feeling like you have wasted your time because no matter what you do, nothing seems to work. You just can’t reach that dream.

But what if it’s just around the corner? What if you give up just before the miracle occurs and you miss out on reaching your goal? Not because you couldn’t do it. Not because you’re not smart enough, talented enough, or kind enough. Not because God is against you, or for any other reason your mind comes up with when you’re close to giving up. But simply because you gave up too soon.

Nearly three weeks ago I drove to a nearby lake that I think of as my happy place. I took my dog for a walk and spent some time relaxing under the shade of a tree. I looked up at the sky and concluded it didn’t look like a fantastic sunset kind of night and I was a bit tired, so it was time to put my camera away and drive home.

I started to notice some warm colours in the rearview mirror, so I pulled over near some nice looking trees and got out of the car. The sky was absolutely amazing that night, but I missed out on taking the kind of photos I wanted to take, because I gave up too soon. I was much too far away from the lake, to be able to turn back by the time the sky lit up with colours.

This doesn’t just happen with sunsets. It happens with all sorts of things in life. Sometimes you just need to hang in there and keep working on your goals and not walk away too soon. Even Lucille Ball was once told she was too shy for television. Imagine if she had listened and just gave up. And she is only one example. Oprah Winfrey and Walt Disney also have similar tales to tell. But they didn’t give up and nor should you.

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