Rainy days and inappropriate shoes

Every day in recent weeks I drove past a beautiful red Illawara flame tree on my way to and from work. But my passion for landscape photography was all but gone and every day I told myself that it wasn’t important to stop and get out of the car because I didn’t have time to process any of my images and I had more important things to do. I had put so many hours into my work in recent months that I began to lose sight of the things that brought me joy. And besides, every moment I managed to put work aside, my first priority was my adorable little canine friend that moved in over 5 months ago. Giving him lots of cuddles, teaching him new things, showing him the sights and sounds of the region and throwing a bouncy ball around the house for him to chase had become the highlight of my days.

But last Thursday was different. Wednesday night brought with it the heaviest rainfall the region had seen in a while. With every drop of rain that hit the roof and every minute that passed, my memories of how excited I had been every time I had gone out in the middle of a thunderstorm to capture brilliant bolts of light grew stronger. So I made sure every camera battery was charged and started packing my gear, ready to head out.

The thunderstorm never came that night, but the following morning I made sure that my Canon M2 was in my handbag, and as an afterthought, packed my Fuji XE2s into another bag. The drive past the beautiful tree was very different that morning as I noted the enticing rain clouds and hoped they would look the same at lunch time. Thankfully they did look just as good when I headed out to lunch. So I parked the car and giggled as I looked down at my light blue flat slip on shoes walking through a paddock of overgrown grass and mud from the heavy rain. In that moment I didn’t care how muddy my feet got. All that mattered is that I was finally outside on a cloudy day with a camera in my hand. I also didn’t care when the rain started and my hair and face got wet… it was only the non weather proofed status of my Fuji camera that sent me running back to the car.

Later that night while I sat in front of my computer editing my files I was shocked to realise that I preferred the look of the images from the Fuji camera over the Canon. Up until that point I had argued with people in Fuji groups on Facebook about Canon DSLRs and mirrorless cameras being far superior for landscapes, so it was the last thing I expected. The same moment I came to this realisation a former work colleague publicly revealed on Facebook that unknown to me she had driven past while I was taking photos and had been pleased to see that I’ve got my photo mojo back. It really hit me just how prolonged my absence from landscape photography had been if other people had noticed. But on Friday when I was so busy checking out the sky while walking to my office that I walked into the railing, I knew she was right… my photo mojo is definitely back.

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