The Joy Jar

So you don’t know what a joy jar is? I didn’t either… until I just made up the concept last week (since writing this post it was pointed out to me that in actual fact other people were also using this term).

Mine is just an empty coffee jar decorated with aquamarine glitter glue, magenta acrylic paint, plastic butterfly gems and ribbon from a $2 shop. But you can decorate yours however you like.

It’s for the things that rob you of your joy and the things that bring you joy. You can write your worries on little blue cards (or any colour you choose) and the things that bring you joy (ie. things you enjoy doing, things you do to nurture yourself, goals you’re working on, things you like about yourself or are proud of, things to be grateful for, nice things you can do for others) go on little yellow cards (or again, another colour of your choice).

By writing a worry on a card, you’re admitting you’ve done all you can and that any further worrying about it is useless. The more cards you fill with things that bring you joy, the more you realise you have a lot more to be grateful for than miserable about as you notice your jar is full of yellow cards.

I ended up with 4 blue cards in mine, and so many yellow cards that I kept having to squash them down to the bottom of the jar with a pen so that I could make room for more… and I’ve thought of a few more I should add just while I’ve been typing this blog. It’s amazing how much awesome stuff is around all of us, just waiting to be appreciated… so by writing it all down, you’ll soon end up with a jar full of joy to draw a positive yellow card from every time you’re feeling low, and with any luck the day will come when you can revisit the blue worry cards and wonder why you worried about whatever is written on there in the first place.


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