Do what you can with what you have today

I’ve been patiently checking the cloud cover every evening for over a week now, waiting for another clear sky to get out and photograph the stars, try to get the kind of shot of the Milky Way that I would like and make another attempt at star trail photography. But it’s just not meant to be right now.

Life is often like that. You can’t predict the exact timing of things working out for you and there is nothing you can do about it. Delays happen. Mistakes happen. Cloudy skies happen. No matter how committed you are to doing something, or how committed you are to a cause, you can’t control everything.

You can only do whatever is in front of you today. Another cloudy night sky? Okay… I’ll study, cull some of the 240GBs of photographs from my hard drive, clean the house, write another blog, fill the freezer with meals I’ve cooked, read another book, try another macro shot, reorganise my spare room (study/photo editing/craft room) to look the way my favourite room of the house ought to look. Another person might play a board game with their children, watch missed episodes of their favourite TV show, look up new recipes, learn to decorate a cake, practice playing their guitar… anything they like really.

It doesn’t make my astro photography any less of a priority… it just means I need to spend time doing other equally important things. Sometimes we experience set backs or delays to keep our life in balance. A book you need from the library might not be available, so you figure it’s a time to focus on areas of your life other than study while you wait for the book to be returned. Cloudy skies ruin your astro photography plans… so you figure it’s the best time to refocus on studying. You get injured, so you put aside your sport and do something using your brain and/or creativity instead. None of these are necessarily bad things… it just means that if something stops you from doing what you really want to be doing today, then you’re meant to be doing something else of equal importance.

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  • Sometimes I’ve gone out anyway and the clouds have broken enough to get great pictures of stars and clouds both. But if it is complete cloud cover it’s a no-go. But one of my favorite star photos to date has clouds and no Milky Way.

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