What macro photography taught me

What macro photography taught me


Scattered throughout my previous posts, are numerous reasons why I think photography is a great metaphor for life. But my recent journey into macro photography has been another reminder that the small stuff really does matter.

Beautiful reflections can be seen in the tiniest drops of water, a smile can brighten someone’s day, an apology can start to mend a friendship, an encouraging word or two can keep someone going when the road ahead is tough, from the tiniest seeds, grow the most beautiful flowers, and the most nutritious foods. And no matter what else might be happening in our lives at the time, there are always little things to appreciate every day – sunshine, oxygen, shelter, water… the list goes on. Likewise, the difference between a Vitamin D test being “normal” or too low is not even a millilitre per Litre of blood, but a tiny little fraction of a millilitre, the difference between healthy and unhealthy cholesterol levels is only miniscule, and a foetus is still so tiny when a soon to be mother first learns she is pregnant. At the same time, one poor choice of word by someone communicating a message, or one misread or misheard word can totally change the meaning of a conversation and cause a major misunderstanding. You can also be too scared to say what needs to be said, and then that split moment in time to speak up is gone and it’s too late. A lot can happen while a driver takes their eyes off the road for only a second or two. People’s lives can change in a split second and indeed, a life can end in a split second.
Furthermore, stars may look like tiny specs in the sky, but they represent just how huge our solar system is… us humans are pretty small and insignificant in the whole scheme of things. Yet despite how small humans really are in relation to the universe, humans have powerful brains and have built huge buildings and bridges and found ways to overcome disease and extend our lives.

So one thing is for sure, while it’s true that we shouldn’t sweat the unhelpful small stuff, have petty arguments or hold grudges, the undeniable truth is that the small stuff matters most. According to Wikipedia, the age of the earth is approximately 4.5 billion years! 4.5 billion years????? Now doesn’t that highlight just how short our own lives are and that it will all be over in a flash? So the time is now, to look for and appreciate every little thing that’s important in our lives, show kindness to others, extend an olive branch or accept one and take nothing for granted.

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